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What is Fast Addition Quiz Online?

Fast Addition Quiz Online is a free web (online) App that lets you enjoy guessing the answer of addition from 4 choices of numbers like a game.

You can start the game right away without registration.

You can play addition quiz right away without any login or registration.

You can start with the beginner's course of one-digit addition quizzes.

You can play addition quizzes without any difficulty. There are many different courses of addition quizzes available on the "Fast Addition Quiz Online" site.

We recommend that you start with the beginner's course, which is easy enough for anyone to do.

In the beginner's course, you will be asked 10 single-digit addition questions.

Take 1st place in the addition quiz!

The ranking function is provided in the "Fast Addition Quiz Online".

The ranking is determined by these two points.

Each course has its own ranking, so please try to become the number one in the world.

Six types of quiz courses

The following is an introduction to all the courses in the "Fast Addition Quiz Online" series.We will add new courses as needed, but at the time of application release, we have started with 6 courses.

Beginner's course: one-digit quiz course

In the beginner level course, as explained earlier, there will be 10 questions on the addition of one-digit numbers + one-digit numbers.

Although the arithmetic is at the first grade level, the questions are simple, so speed and accuracy are required for the ranking.

Double-digit quiz course

There will be 2-digit + 2-digit addition questions. The same 10 questions as the beginner level, but slightly more difficult because of the two-digit addition.

Three-digit Quiz Course

10 quizzes of 3-digit + 3-digit addition will be given.

Intermediate 50 Quizzes Course

In the intermediate level, there will be 50 addition quizzes with a slightly higher difficulty level. This is where your endurance will be tested, so please try to improve your addition skills.

Advanced 100-Game Quiz Course

100 advanced level addition quizzes will be given.

Most Difficult Quiz Course

This is the most difficult addition quiz course. If you can answer all the questions correctly in this course, you can call yourself a master of addition.

This is the most difficult course, and it also has a ranking system, so please try to become the best addition master in World.

You can also check your study record of addition on "My Page.

You can also check your study record of addition quizzes on your My Page. You can see the history of the addition quizzes you have played in the past on the "My Page" of the "Fast Addition Quiz Online"

You can also check how many questions you answered correctly, how many seconds you answered the quiz, etc. You can use this as a learning record, so you can see how well you have improved your addition skills.

We hope you will use this app as a tool to improve your addition skills.

If you have any suggestions for improvement after using the quiz, please contact us through this URL.

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Thank you very much for reading! We hope you will enjoy the quiz!!

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